Serious Games & Virtual Worlds

ECS uses commercially available tools and technologies to develop rich virtual world and serious game environments that solve training challenges across a range of training challenges. Virtual environments provide an alternative to face-to-face instruction by enabling learners to communicate, collaborate, and interactive together regardless of their physical location.

ECS has developed dozens of serious game applications. In doing so, we have become familiar with a number of engines, development environments, and middleware commonly used in the video game industry. ECS also leverages our Modeling & Simulation expertise to provide the opportunity to simulate expensive real-world resources, or perform collaborative tasks together with other people without meeting physically, and experiencing high risk activities that are too dangerous to occur in the real world.

Virtual Worlds and Serious Games use similar tools and technologies in their development. These technologies offer a broad range of options for our customers from browser-based delivery to totally immersive 3D environments where users interact with large volumes of data through sophisticated user interfaces. ECS employs an experienced team of programmers, artists, designers and project management professionals to help walk you through the various options we are able to provide. This allows us to architect a custom solution that best suits your needs as an organization

Our Development Expertise includes:

  • Instructional Design / Game Design
  • Scripts and Storyboard Development
  • Individual and Multiplayer Solutions
  • Communications and Collaboration Services
  • High Fidelity content development
  • Scenario Building Tools and Editors
  • Microsoft Kinect – Natural User Interface
  • Integration with corporate infrastructure

Engines we have worked with

  • CryEngine 3
  • Flash 11
  • Havok
  • Unity Pro
  • VBS2
  • SimTech
  • Ogre 3D
  • Second Life / Open Sim
  • Gamebryo
  • Virtual World Framework


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