Spiritual Triage for the Army Chaplain School

To be fully mission capable, the spiritual resilience of our personnel is as important as their physical, mental, and emotional health. All Army Chaplains are coupled with an enlisted soldier known as a Chaplain Assistant. Together they form the Unit Ministry Team. Due to the non-combatant status of a Chaplain, the Chaplain Assistant is responsible for the security of the team. Each team is expected to observe the distinctive doctrines of their faith while also honoring the right of others to observe their own faith. At some point ALL chaplains will face the reality of providing religious support to wounded and dying Soldiers and the medical staff who care for them.

ECS is contracted by the U.S. Army to rapidly leverage existing game technologies and assets to create training vignettes that replicate the trauma-oriented environments that each ministry team may encounter on the battlefield. Non-player characters are used to elicit feelings and conditions that one may encounter, such as fear of death and dying, faith, guilt, separation, despair, grief, as well as physical trauma such as pain, burns, amputations, and disfigurement, to name only a few.

Key Takeaway: This program leverages existing tools and technologies to provide a low-cost, high impact solution to improve current training.  This will result in a prototype capability that offers training needed for providing ministry to the wounded and dying, managing mass casualty (MASCAL) situations, and providing religious support for non-casualties in a high stress environment.

Client: U.S. Army Chaplain School, U.S. Army Research Laboratory – Simulation, Training, and Technology Center

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