Engineering   &   Computer   Simulations,   Inc.   is   looking   for   a JCATS Operations Trainer to   provide   efficient, effective   and   quality   knowledge-based   training services   and   technical   support   to   the   Moroccan   and   Norwegian   Armed   Forces following the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (LLNL) fielding of the JCATS and New Equipment Training (NET) during training operations.

The Personnel on site will work as part of a team to:

  • Provide and manage training and training assistance for military and civilian related subjects
  • Conduct   training   and   training   assistance   for   military and   civilian   related subjects   in   non-contingency   operations   in   austere   and   non-austere environments
  • Provide training and instruction, encompassing a variety of complex military and civilian related subjects, in both a training facility and field environments
  • Develop   and   provide   training   in   varying   class   sizes   utilizing   an   array   of formats, mediums, and methodologies
  • Evaluate and report the results of training and instruction
  • Request ancillary supplies and equipment in support of training





The ideal candidate shall have at least five (5) years of JCATS training/operations experience at the Battalion Level or Higher.

The Candidate shall possess at least three years of operation experience utilizing JCATS software to plan brigade level and   below   exercises   in   a   Morocco   owned   and   controlled   simulation   center environment.



Location: Ben Guerir, Morocco (and include some TDY travel


Security Clearance Required

Job Location

Ben Guerir, Morocco ,