The Joint Exercise Planner is responsible for planning, coordinating and collaborating on NORTHCOM joint, inter-agency, and multi-national Tier 1, five-year exercise program involving the North American continent, four US Territories, Joint Staff, all Armed Services, Department of Homeland Security and its agencies, Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, other federal agencies, and State/local emergency responders in all areas of potential disasters/emergencies, to include terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

The Joint Exercise Planner’s major duties include exercise design, development, planning, preparation, creation of the master scenario events list (MSEL), exercise control (EXCON) design, and the establishment of policies and procedures necessary to execute an overarching action plan based on observations captured during CBRN, HD and DSCA training events; also serves as the EXCON MSEL Manager to control event injects flowing to the training audience, and execute “white-cell” actions including “Training Event Control Cell”, AAR development, and controller and data collection at key venue sites during each training event or evaluation..

The Joint Exercise Planner is responsible for designing and developing training events that cover all aspects of defense support to civil authorities (DSCA), homeland defense (HLD), theater security cooperation (TSC), and/or anti-terrorism/force protection (AT/FP) environments, as appropriate. Act as the conduit for information to/from EXCON and the Commander of the Operations Group (COG) to all OCs. The Joint Exercise Planner also assists with the development of the training Collection Management Plan by conducting coordination and training for the assistance of Observer/Controller Trainers (OC/Ts) supporting a NORTHCOM/ARNORTH exercise training event by assisting the OC/Ts and Lesson Learned Cell with the development of the exercise Collection Management Plan; gathering information, identifying and analyzing the issues and requirements of supported/participating Commanders, developing recommendations to solve substantive problems of effectiveness and produce timely and accurate assessment reports.

Exercise planners will be prepared to attend various planning conferences and meetings in support of each exercise’s JELC (travel up to 30% of the time).



  • Bachelor’s degree (BA/BS)
  • Completion of or be able to complete the Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) Phase 1 and FEMA 100, 200, 700 and 800b online courses


  • 8 years of experience with DOD operations
  • Must be familiar with national level and DOD policies and procedures
  • Working knowledge of the NRF, ICS, current Federal & State emergency management and response processes and procedures in response to a disaster incident
  • Possess the skills and the ability to produce exercise products that support contingency plans for disaster response of DOD assets that complement the NRF based upon the Improvised Nuclear Device (IND) planning scenario developed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Defense Directive (DODD) 3025.18, Defense Support of Civil Authorities
  • Individual shall understand DOD and civilian command, control, and coordination relationships, organizational structures and lines of communication during disasters, emergencies and CBRN-Consequence Management (CM) responses
  • Familiar with the wide array of capabilities DOD may be called upon to employ during an Improvised Nuclear Device type event
  • Working knowledge and experience in providing the manning, infrastructure and conducting a Command Post Exercise (CPX) with supporting simulation at the Army Division level and above
  • Shall know the requirements to establish and run an Exercise Control and Training Analysis Feedback Cell. Ability to establish those operational positions that are in direct support of the CPX/Exercise that enhance and support the execution of the event
  • Must be able to coordinate written and briefing products with USNORTHCOM and attend USNORTHCOM-hosted Joint Exercise Lifecycle Calendar (JELC) events, including the concept development, initial planning mid planning, MSEL synchronization, and final planning meetings. Must be able to plan and coordinate internal USARNORTH planning meetings as part of the JELC to ensure USARNORTH equities are properly managed
  • Must be able to operate as part of the EXCON cell during exercises to monitor player unit actions and take actions to ensure the player unit(s) has the opportunity to train to their stated training objectives
  • Must have the ability to write scenarios, script events and injects, produce military orders/directives, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) mission assignments, other Federal/State interagency situational reports, and other associated training event products
  • Shall have the ability to develop injects created to drive unit’s battle drills and achieve training objectives and must be synchronized with all other entities of scenario development
  • Ability to apply broad knowledge of USG departments and agencies in the development and refinement of information sharing between IA and DOD
  • Ability to coordinate and conduct basic Staff Actions such as the ability to prepare and conduct briefings (GO level), as well as, provide formal training events in support of exercise execution
  • Be familiar with lessons learned and After Action Review (AAR) methodologies and have the ability to prepare and staff lessons learned documentation and staff papers
  • Experience with Defense Support to Civil Authorities/Joint Task Forces. Be capable of developing training programs, concept plans, and briefs that support training and out-reach efforts. Possess the ability to use standard systems employed in the development of CRE missions, to include Google Earth and Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, and Excel) products
  • Candidate must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret Level Security Clearance





CAC/Government Access Card Required

Job Location

San Antonio, TX