Live Virtual Constructive-Integrated Architecture (LVC-IA) Operator utilizes the Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability (JLCCTC) in a Mission Training Complex, serves as the primary individual responsible for set up and operation of the suite of simulation products to support training in the LVC-IA environment, supports unit leadership in planning and execution of training, and responsible for assisting the conduct of simulated training events and troubleshooting systems to ensure connectivity and availability.

Locations: Ft Bliss TX, Ft Carson CO, FT Hood TX, FT Riley KS, FT Sill, OK


  • Knowledgeable on and capable of running all systems in the facility without supervision
  • Sets up and supports training scenarios and products that meet the unit requirements and Commanders’ training intent
  • Coaches Soldiers on the use of gaming hardware for training and assist the customers on achieving their goals
  • Assists with the planning, coordination, and execution of individual MCIS and Simulation (puckster) training at echelons ranging from Squad to Corps
  • Performs classroom setup, networking of systems and supporting simulations, and instruction on applicable mission command information systems
  • Trains on the systems IAW Army standard Programs of Instruction (POI) following approved course instructional times meeting MCIS training standards of on time with 90% successful student course of instruction and system certification completion rate; follows doctrine outlined in the TC 6-0 series, “Training the Mission Command Warfighting Function”; and supports other training requirements within the Mission Training Center team
  • Teaches Battle Simulation Workstation (BSWS) functionality and operations to training unit personnel who will be operating simulation workstations during training exercises/events and coaches during exercises/events execution
  • Maintains a common database of add-ons that easily allows for speedy integration of multiple systems into a single simulation as required by unit training events
  • Assists in the preparation and execution of After-Action Reviews for supported training events


  • 4+ years’ experience in information systems development, training, or related fields
  • 1+ years’ experience developing and providing IT and end-user training on computer hardware and application software
  • 4+ years’ in service or support to the Army or other national defense service; Qualified to support collective training events through coaching, teaching, mentoring MCIS to augment collective training principals or subject matter experts
  • Possess or able to obtain a Secret Security Clearance
  • Qualified assistant instructor on the JLCCTC BSWS, the Low Overhead Training Systems (LOTS), & DXTRS