Project Description

FN Expert® Marksmanship Trainer


ECS partnered with FN Herstal to produce FN Expert® Marksmanship Trainer, an integrated, virtual software system to support instructors and users by measuring and visualizing marksmanship performance in military and private sectors.

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Tactics & Strategies:

This advanced marksmanship trainer provides insight into users’ shooting techniques and performance. Instructors and users will experience the benefits of training with FN Expert immediately.FN Expert uses the shooter’s assigned weapon or simulated weapon and existing optics or accessories while functioning in simulated shooting distances or outdoors with life-size targets and real shooting distances. Utilizing integrated AR/VR sensors with an innovative software system, Soldiers and First Responders can strengthen their techniques with an enhanced training tool with real-time results. The modernized system focuses on marksmanship instruction and combat shooter training for military, law enforcement and commercial customers by measuring rifle movement, detecting the shot, and tracking location of both hits and misses as well as shooting fundamentals including hold, aim, and trigger control.

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