Project Description

Tactical Combat Casual Care Simulation (TC3Sim) with Haptics

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To provide enhanced military medical virtual reality (VR) training into Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3Sim) to deliver a more comprehensive trainer with a realistic sense of touch and interaction

Tactics & Strategies:

Our team recently enhanced TC3Sim to improve its realism for combat medic training by incorporating haptics technology. By using haptics gloves and a headset in VR, users experience virtual simulations with realistic touch and natural interactions in order to undergo more fluid and complete training scenarios.

TC3Sim uses these story-driven scenarios to teach and evaluate a combat medic’s knowledge of the required tactics, techniques, and procedures in a multi-service, multi-player serious game. Medics, Soldiers, First Responders, and Healthcare Professionals can now shift their perspective from the typical VR interaction of clicking a controller to interact to a much more physical approach of actually grasping an object or reaching out and touching a button with their finger. Trainees can bandage a wound, administer CPR, and perform highly tactile procedures while immediately seeing and hearing the effects and feeling the weight, sensation, or movement of their actions. This transformational use of augmented reality (AR), VR, and mixed reality (MR) enhances the performance of medical teams while also improving their quality of training, so they are able to learn more quickly and effectively with the added integration of touch.