Who We Are

At ECS, our values are the foundation of all we do. These values serve as the framework to guide the daily actions and decisions of every ECS team member. Above all, we are Committed to excellence and it is ingrained in our culture and is reflected in all that we do.

As part of our pursuit of excellence, we are Passionate about continuous improvement and personal growth of our team members. The core of our corporate culture is to embrace new ideas, foster innovation, and recognize outstanding performance.

Our success is due largely to our remarkable team of committed, creative, and Motivated industry professionals. Because of this, we are high performing self-starters; Inspired to improve the world through lifelong learning and service to others. We have sealed a rock-solid reputation with client relationships built on trust, authenticity and continuity.

Our values are also reflected in our commitment to listen to and to understand our customers’ challenges to provide them with Innovative solutions on time and on budget. ECS dedicates itself to using the highest business standards to produce solutions that are custom tailored to our clients’ needs. Our mission is to improve the quality and efficiency of learning and preparedness through the use of ECS’ advanced learning technologies.

What We Do

Most of our custom solutions and products are derived from these core competencies. In a sense, these provide the foundation for how many of our solutions are developed. However, we are always learning new skills and more importantly, how to apply new skills to maximize return on investment for our customers.

We use tools, techniques and technologies from the video game industry to develop computer based training and learning games that engage learners in realistic interactive scenarios.
We develop persistent online multiplayer virtual worlds which allow for myriad uses ranging from collaboration, synchronous training, role based experiences, and visualization.
We offer an established and comprehensive infrastructure for efficiently delivering small, mid, and large scale simulation models and software development for a variety of industries and domains.
We are experienced in adhering to the complete ADDIE model to develop a wide array of courseware solutions, ranging from IMI Level I through IV. We provide instructional design expertise to ensure all learning objectives are met.
We provide a suite of economical training solutions that exercise critical decision making in multi-tiered organizations, all based on robust technology developed and leveraged from over a decade of expertise in role based emergency response training.
We are home to a suite of web-based customizable staff trainers that employ cognitive tasking and role based interactions to exercise complex decision making and communication in any organization.
We are experienced in adaptive learning and intelligent tutoring methodologies including domain mapping, knowledge representation, learner tracking, performance assessment, and information integration.
We employ a team of experienced, high-caliber, industry veteran 3D and 2D artists who can fulfill any or all of your art development needs including modeling, texturing, animation, graphic design, motion graphics, UI design, and game-ready content packs.
We offer a variety of engineering services that can support a myriad of requirements for both on-site and off-site staffing, as well as partnership opportunities for key capabilities for your program.
We provide expertise in applied research and development activities to advance the creation and transfer of new learning technologies through partnerships with industry, government and academia.
We have expertise in developing web, native, and hybrid cross-platform mobile applications for education, instructor facilitation, intelligent tutoring, virtual worlds, and media streaming.

Awards and Accolades

We have been recognized with numerous awards for superior performance from both our customers and industry awarding organizations.