Providing Expertise in Learning Science, Instructional Systems Design, and Training Effectiveness Research

Our goal is to produce the most effective learning experience for the student. Our team is experienced in learning needs analysis; learning objective-driven course design; development, implementation, and support; and evaluation of learning solutions. Utilizing advanced technologies, we can increase student engagement and suspend reality, when needed.

Our team is educated about the most recent trends in learning science and applies this knowledge to all learning solutions that we design and develop for our clients. Our learning science research team is also experienced in the design and execution of training effectiveness studies and works closely with our instructional designers and software engineers to develop prototypes used in training research.

Our knowledgeable team has experience developing the most appropriate training solutions:

  • Instructor-led Course Design and Development

  • Courseware Design and Development Using Authoring Tools, such as Captivate and Unity

  • Simulation Design and Development

  • Integration of Emerging and Innovative Training Technologies