Nov. 18, 2019: Orlando, FL – Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS) has made enhancements to its VA Virtual Medical Center (VMC) developed for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in order to improve the convenience and accessibility of healthcare and medical information to U.S. veterans located anywhere around the world. These new improvements include updating the vast collection of VA-approved resources, content, and links to VA services, education, training, and wellness information, as well as adding new specialized online clinics that focus on healthcare issues relevant to veterans. Shane Taber, ECS Vice President/Development Director leads this project.

Unlike similar types of online medical care centers, the VA-VMC provides two-way, real-time communication and care through virtual consults, scheduled events, conferences, and virtual medical assistants. It also offers focused clinics which provide information on veteran-related healthcare topics, as well as cybraries and education centers where users can easily access an immense library filled with VA resources about services, education, training, research, and health and wellness.

Taber states: “We are proud to provide a collaborative learning environment for patients and medical professionals. By integrating state-of-the-art technology within this 24-7 persistent virtual world, ECS is able to serve those who have served our country and our citizens. This innovative solution improves accessibility and can assist our veterans wherever they may be located throughout the country or the world.”

About ECS

ECS is an award-winning global training and technology solutions company, headquartered in Orlando, Florida with operations in Huntsville, Alabama; Washington D.C.; and San Antonio, Texas. An industry innovator with a vast portfolio of training programs, ECS is a trusted provider of training, maintaining, and sustaining military service members and first responders around the world.