One of the most technologically advanced health care training centers in the Department of Veterans Affairs recently received the latest in high-tech training tools. The VA’s SimLEARN Center is one of the first in the country to employ immersive training applications in their clinics and hospitals.

Medical simulations games train doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. ECS developed the applications for the Educational Gaming innovators at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Simulation Learning, Education and Research Network’s (SimLEARN) National Simulation Center.

The games augment traditional, more costly face-to-face training generally used to prepare new and existing medical staff. Health care professionals learn capabilities associated with either medically sensitive information or procedural-based tasks where speed and accuracy lead to better patient outcomes.

VHA SimLEARN is the first of any training center of excellence in the country to use training tools offering this level of sophistication.

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