Nov. 6, 2018 (Orlando, FL) ECS, a leading provider of global workforce training services and solutions, is partnering with HaptX, an innovator in haptic products, to explore opportunities for enhancing military medical training using the latest technology. ECS will use its Tactical Combat Casualty Care Simulation (TC3Sim) medical trainer to incorporate training scenarios using HaptX’s newly released HaptX Gloves Development Kit, an industrial-grade product for advanced simulation in virtual reality. HaptX Gloves enable users to experience virtual simulations with realistic touch feedback and natural interaction for the first time.

Shane Taber, vice president of operations, said: “Previously, VR training has focused on learning through visual and auditory cues. The missing element has been touch. A medic can bandage a wound or administer CPR, but, even though these are highly tactile procedures, there is no tactile learning. The medic can’t feel how deeply to push during chest compressions or how much pressure to apply to a wound. Similarly, a soldier can virtually discharge a weapon and immediately see and hear the effect but cannot feel the weight, the sensation, or movement of that weapon in his/her hands. We are excited to enhance the medical teams’ performance, improve the quality of training, and allow trainees to learn more quickly and effectively with the addition of touch.”

At the end of its research, ECS will propose a relevant, innovative, and fully-supported approach to the U.S. Army Research Lab that furthers the understanding of the perception of touch as a component of virtual training. It will also demonstrate the capabilities of haptic technology to fill existing gaps in skills and training.

HaptX Gloves feature 130 tactile actuators that provide realistic touch across the hand and fingertips. Built with HaptX’s patented microfluidic technology, HaptX Gloves also deliver powerful force feedback and motion tracking with sub-millimeter precision. The gloves are usually combined with a VR headset to provide a complete training experience.

ECS will be demonstrating two medical simulations using HaptX Gloves at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), the world’s largest training, simulation and education conference to be in Orlando on November 26 – 30.

About ECS

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