The Lifeboat Project and Engineering and Computer Simulations (ECS) are taking the fight against human trafficking to mobile devices with a new app called Awareness Combats Trafficking (ACT).

Florida ranks third in calls to the National Human Trafficking Hotline and is attractive to traffickers because of its warm weather and mobile population.

The ACT app simulates scenarios in which a trafficker might approach or be watching children as they go about normal activities—at malls, the movies or schools. The game is designed for teenagers, a primary target of traffickers.

It will be offered in English and Spanish. It is expected to be available in Google Play, the iPhone app store, and

For more information, contact Joe O’Connell.

About The Lifeboat Project

The mission of the Lifeboat Project is to increase awareness of human trafficking through training; restore hope and dignity to exploited individuals; promote self-sufficiency by providing a safe residence; and furnish assistance for personal development and counseling, coordinating with other agencies to enable them to heal and transition into productive members of society.