Nov. 12, 2018 (Orlando, FL) – Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS), a leading provider of global workforce training services and solutions, has been contracted by FN America, LLC and FN Herstal, S.A., leading manufacturers of firearms for military, law enforcement and commercial customers, to modernize the FN Expert® Marksmanship training system with updated software that offers more sophisticated features for evaluating shooting performance. The improvements also make the package compatible with multiple hardware platforms, including PC and Android.

FN Expert®, a training system that provides instruction to both shooters and coaches, focuses on the fundamentals of shooting (hold, aim, and trigger control) while also building muscle memory and providing feedback on the shot. The wireless system is capable of dry-fire and live-fire training on virtually any rifle or carbine, as well as selected pistols. The hardware sensor measures rifle movement, detects the shot, tracks the location of both hits and misses, and the software visualizes the shot trace and analyzes the shooter’s performance in real-time. The training system supports marksmanship instructors by providing objective tools to measure and visualize shooter performance.

“Our collaborative efforts with ECS have resulted in an advanced marksmanship training platform offering user interface upgrades, performance and compatibility,” said TC Phillips, Vice President for Military Operations for FN America, LLC. “The latest iteration of FN Expert is evidence of ECS’ proven track record for developing training systems for the U.S. Army and their experience using the latest in technology to develop new software.”

Shane Taber, Vice President of Orlando Operations, said: “When you watch this system and the updated software in action, the benefit to the trainee and trainers is clear to see. It gives instant insight into your shooting technique that even the untrained eye can recognize and respond to.”

FN Expert® can be used on the shooter’s issued weapon, along with any existing optics or accessories, and performs equally as well either with simulated shooting distances or outdoors with life-size targets and real shooting distances of up to 300 meters.

ECS will be demonstrating the updated FN Expert® system and software in booth 1135 at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), the world’s largest training, simulation and education conference to be held in Orlando on November 26 – 30.

About ECS
ECS is an award-winning global services and solutions company, headquartered in Central Florida with a second office in Huntsville, Alabama that is focused on aviation and aerospace. A trusted industry leader, ECS has adapted to challenges throughout its 21-year history to deliver seamless training and operational support to our Warfighters with a vast portfolio of best practices, technology and innovation.

ECS develops, produces and trains military CONUS and OCONUS by providing immersive, live and virtual training experiences and implementing expert global workforce services to support aviation, aerospace, logistics, medical, combat and other military teams. The company is also a workforce provider, which trains, coaches, staffs, and manages teams that augment the joint military service staffs.

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