November 22, 2019 – (Orlando, FL) – Waymon Armstrong, CEO & President of Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS), announced that Joanne Barnieu has joined ECS as its Director of Instructional Science. Barnieu will lead the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) team and projects while providing integral research regarding the use of innovative instructional strategies and technology-based solutions.

Barnieu has an extensive background in the design and execution of research studies serving the military training community. Fluent in both English and French, Barnieu brings 27 years of experience in education and instructional design to ECS, including an extensive focus on adult learning, learning science, and analysis of training effectiveness studies. In addition, she has over 12 years of experience as an instructional designer and researcher for defense-related training projects including instructional technology, micro learning, assessment, AR/VR, haptics, and serious games.

Armstrong says: “ECS has consistently focused on developing instructionally sound and high-quality training for our military and industry partners. We know that Joanne will take our ISD projects to a new level with the added rigor, insight, and experience she brings to our ISD team and its processes. We look forward to incorporating her expertise into the analysis, design, and execution of our military training solutions.”

Barnieu adds: “I am excited about joining the ECS team and am proud to continue serving our military, veterans, and first responders with innovative training solutions. I plan to optimize these programs by implementing additional research and strategies which will benefit our customers and strengthen our Warfighters even more.”

About ECS

ECS is an award-winning global training and technology solutions company, headquartered in Orlando, Florida with operations in Huntsville, Alabama; Washington D.C.; and San Antonio, Texas. An industry innovator with a vast portfolio of training programs, ECS is a trusted provider of training, maintaining, and sustaining military service members and first responders around the world.