Omaha, NE – September 25, 2018 – Dr. Pamela Boyers, Vice Chancellor of the Interprofessional Experiential Center for Enduring Learning (iEXCEL) at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), announced that Richard Madrid, Director of Global Services of Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS) will participate in the panel, “Developing the Future Workforce for Modeling, Simulation, & Visualization (MS&V) ” on the first day of the National Modeling & Simulation Coalition (NM&SC) 2018 National Meeting. Madrid will focus on workforce development, while other panelists will discuss its impact on economic development, STEAM education, and remote and distributed learning.

NM&SC is centered on the theme of Improving Human Performance and Effectiveness: The Role of MS&V in Healthcare, and it will focus on M&S technologies and practices that have a significant impact on healthcare providers’ education, training and certifications. The event takes place September 25-26, 2018 at UNMC located in Omaha, NE.

Madrid says: “I am honored to be a part of the NM&SC. ECS has provided innovative training programs and services to our military and industry clients for over 21 years; in doing so, we understand the importance of strengthening teams and consistently improving performance.”

Madrid joined ECS in 2014 after a distinguished USAF career. He supported the Air Force Medical Modeling and Simulation Program (AFMMAST) and later Medical Modeling and Simulation Training (MMAST), where he was responsible for all program execution and operations. Promoted to Director of Global Services in 2017, Madrid is adept at leading his team and maintaining relationships with key military and government clients and partners.

About NM&SC

The National Modeling & Simulation Coalition (NM&SC) was established to serve as a membership and simulation technology promotion organization serving industry, government and academia, and is dedicated to the promotion of Modeling and Simulation (M&S). The Coalition conducts a National Meeting annually where it provides a forum for dialog across industry, government, academia and professional societies, with an agenda highlighting one or more aspects of M&S having significant impact on industry, academia and/or government.

About ECS

ECS is an award-winning global services and solutions company that is headquartered in Central Florida, with a second office in Huntsville, Alabama, focused on aviation and aerospace. ECS specializes in training, technology, and consulting services across a wide range of platforms that support aviation, aerospace, healthcare, and other industries. Its diverse portfolio includes 2D and 3D visualization as well as augmented, virtual, and mixed reality to produce immersive and relevant advanced learning technologies and services for both government and commercial clients. The ECS services, support, and staff augmentation teams place experienced and relevant personnel, including instructors, operators, and staff, with the joint military services throughout the U.S. and internationally.