Vibrant Response (VR) 23 Performance Recognition (Engineering and Computer Simulations)

From left to right: Christopher De La Rosa, U.S. Army North G7; William Funcheon, ECS Lead/Senior Training and Development Specialist; Maj. Gen. William J. Prendergast IV, U.S. Army, Task Force 51 Commander, Contingency Command Post 1; Joe Usrey, ECS Senior Training and Development Specialist; Barry Starr, ECS Senior Training and Development Specialist.

May 22, 2023

Successful professionals are not made overnight. They are the result of focused intent, through the setting and achieving of challenging, yet realistic goals, within a specified period. The Engineering and Computer Simulation (ECS) contractors, Mr. William Funcheon, Mr. Joe Usrey, and Mr. Barry Starr surpassed this standard. ECS contractors directly contributed, and sacrificed their personal and family time, to showcase un-paralleled dedication to the success of United States Army North’s (USARNORTH’s) Vibrant Response 23 (VR 23) CBRNE Command Post Exercise (CPX). This translated into nothing less than exemplary professionalism and skill craft.

Leading up to the VR 23 CPX, ECS contractors directly supported VR 23, traveled over 16,000 miles, conducted numerous Pre-Deployment Site Surveys (PDSS), set-up and participated in 10 planning meetings around the continental United States to ensure that the CBRNE Enterprise, consisting of three Two-Star level Task Forces, received the support required to ensure shared understanding to over 1,100 Soldiers prior to executing this exercise. Between the three contractors that support USARNORTH G7 they assisted in forecasting life support contracting totaling over $500K, and transportation to support over 1,200 Soldiers. Additionally, they designed and published guidance to four (4) task forces, as well as conduct “JTIMS right sizing” which in totality, contributed to the overall logistical preparation of Vibrant Response to receive, feed, and allocate workspace.

During the execution of VR 23, ECS contractors coordinated and managed the pick-up, loading, movement, and delivery of over 50,000 pounds of equipment and supplies; managed and oversaw 51 buildings and furnishings used by the exercise participants; coordinated for and managed the distribution of approximately 80 contracted vehicles; oversaw the reception, in-processing, and out-processing of over 1,200 Soldiers and civilians in and out of the exercise; served as an exercise control operations officers, sustainment planners, training analysis and feedback lead; conducted approximately 112 exercise related meetings with exercise leadership, installation leadership, and exercise participants; in support of the exercise.

ECS contractors consistently maintained a level of professionalism, provided strategic guidance as well as relied on their first-hand tactical and technical experience that surpassed expectations. Their partnership, mentorship, as well as offering constructive feedback to VR 23 team members significantly enhanced our mission and logistical continuity. Without their knowledge or input, this mission would have suffered unparalleled planning challenges.

In closing, as professionals, we never stop learning, or become complacent. We consistently maintain awareness of where we are, as well as focus on where we want to be in preparation for the future. We associate with like-minded, like-hearted individuals to ensure our character remains sharpened, and accountability is maintained in all areas. This is a fluid process, which is constantly evaluated, and refined to extract greatness. ECS contractors supporting VR 23 are nothing short of amazing. Their performance, based on first-hand experience, and ability to translate those lessons learned to green suiters is priceless. As a result, USARNORTH is set for success in completing future exercises, taskings and real-world events.