Project Description

Enterprise Training Services Contract [ETSC]

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To provide and manage training and training assistance CONUS and OCONUS for military and civilian personnel in contingency operations and training programs

Tactics & Strategies:

As one of the five small businesses under contract through the ETSC program, ECS will provide innovative training and training technology solutions and services training assistance for military and civilians in contingency operations.

As Prime Contractor, ECS will facilitate Program Management, supporting customer objectives in specific areas including Aviation, Medical and Logistics. The ECS team has developed a wide range of training solutions spanning a variety of domains relevant to Performance Improvement in Immersive Training, Aviation & Aerospace, Medical Simulations, and Logistics & Transportation, including but not limited to:

  • Army Aviation Simulation
  • Instructor Pilot & Operator Training
  • Logistics Support
  • LVC Training Solutions
  • Medical Sim Support
  • Marksmanship
  • Command & Staff Training
  • Translators
  • Security Assistance
  • Joint Modernization Command    
  • Foreign Military Sales
  • EST/HEAT Instructor/Operator Training
  • Training Support Assistant
  • Detainee Operations Training Support
  • SIO Gunnery and Knowledge Wall Maintenance