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Bringing the Power of TC3Sim to the Cloud and 5G

ECS is proud to introduce the future of medical training – the Augmented Reality Medical Training Prototype (AR MTP). This cutting-edge innovation is intended for military personnel, leveraging 5G enabled technology and cloud architectures combined with the high TRL capabilities of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3Sim).

For the first time, our ECS team has fully developed an AR use case for TC3Sim, creating an immersive and realistic training environment. Our agnostic approach ensures maximum flexibility, enabling integration with custom deployment environments and accommodating new use cases. Our prototype uses a microservices architecture, offering unparalleled support for cloud-native approaches and infrastructure-as-code. Instructors can effortlessly manage groups of learners, with one instructor supervising up to 20 students, making AR MTP the perfect solution for one-to-many training scenarios. The user interface is designed with utmost clarity, following the MARCHPAWS doctrine for virtual medical interventions, allowing learners to make critical decisions in high-pressure situations.