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PEO Aviation

Our dedicated team of Subject Matter Experts, Instructional Systems Designers and Software Developers support the U.S Army Program Executive Office Aviation, Project Manager Cargo’s CH-47F Block II training program with immersive aviation training. ECS is tasked with the mission to provide the Soldier with comprehensive and engaging technical training that promotes job proficiency of Operators and Maintainers and increases mission success. ECS uses the ADDIE process to maximize training effectiveness and minimize unit mission disruptions to arrive at the best value solution for PM Cargo while providing optimal performance, the lowest cost of ownership, and the maximum return on investment.

To accomplish this, ECS purposely designed a software suite of customized immersive aviation training that is adaptive, to encourage critical thinking and target individual learners’ levels of learning and learning styles. The evolving software suite consists of Computer Based Training, Preflight Instructor Tool, and Cockpit Desktop Trainer.

Key Features

  • First-Person Perspective
  • High Fidelity 3D Immersive Environment
  • 39 Interactive Courses Delivered (39 TLO, 93 LSAs)
  • Computer-Based Training for Rated Crewmember, Non- Rated Crewmember, 15F, 15U, 15N, 15D
  • Developed 3D Interactive Preflight Instructor Tool
  • Cockpit Desktop Trainer – Developed in partnership with SAIC

Features current CH-47F and CH-47F Block II avionics software (CAAS)

Desktop and Touch Panel Control Interface

  • Multi-Platform Delivery on Windows Standalone, WebGL, and Mobile