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Integrating Expertise with the Learning of Science to Deliver Logistics Training

ECS is supporting the Defense Logistics Agency-Energy (DLA-E) by providing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and instructional design expertise to support analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of several key DLA-E initiatives related to skilling and upskilling supply chain employees.

Our Instructional Science team worked closely with experienced SMEs to design, develop, and deliver the in-residence Joint Petroleum Course (JPC) and to conduct a supply-chain training needs assessment. Our team has extensive experience in energy, fuels, logistics operations, and policy, along with vast knowledge of instructional design, courseware development, and learning of science. They incorporated this unique Learning of Science and project management expertise to update and convert existing DLA courses while also developing new distance-learning ones to enhance the quality and retention of the training.

After delivery of the courses, the team was asked to deliver additional work during an option year that included two additional courses. The team used the entire ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) Instructional Design process to deliver a Joint Petroleum Advanced Planning Course and an immersive Bulk Petroleum Storage Operator’s Refresher Course simulation. Both of these courses are targeted at experienced Bulk Fuels professionals across the DoD.

Achievements & Expertise

  • Supply-Chain Training Assessment
  • Joint Petroleum Advanced Planning Course
  • In-Residence Joint Petroleum Course
  • Bulk Petroleum Storage Operator’s Refresher Course