Project Description


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To train military medical personnel about Tactical Combat Casualty Care, including learning proper protocols for helping injured soldiers in combat zones

Tactics & Strategies:

Our developers and trainers worked with experienced medical field personnel and analyzed existing classroom modules to design a multi-service, multi-player serious game. TC3Sim uses story-driven scenarios to teach and evaluate a student’s knowledge of the essential tactics, techniques and procedures required of an Army Combat Medic or Combat Life Saver and includes editing tools that can be easily modified to create new training scenarios.

Each scenario is a short, goal-oriented training exercise to teach a group of key tasks within a specific mission. These key tasks include the ability to assess casualties, perform triage, provide initial treatment, and prepare a casualty for evacuation under battlefield conditions. The application supports single-player and multi-player modes where each user may select from a predetermined list of roles and avatars, including Combat Lifesaver or Combat Medic, and has access to various interactions based on their role. The players may choose to work together or separately while treating the same or different casualties.

TC3Sim also assesses individual and team performance and incorporates numerous instructional development strategies to support the user’s need to master a range of medical competencies, and to apply them in specific situations.