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U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Operations School (EOS) Training Programs



To modernize and advance the use of innovation and emerging educational technologies for EOS training programs to help prepare our Airmen to remain safe in challenging situations.

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Tactics & Strategies:

Through its EOS contract, ECS is developing animated models of relevant equipment and controlled environments that simulate logistics settings and aviation equipment in an academic environment to effectively prepare our Airmen for real-world situations. These modernizations will allow trainees to safely prepare for in-garrison and deployment operations.

ECS is delivering applications, courseware, and simulation that directly sustain the Air Force’s combat support mission in the full range of expeditionary operations, including deployment planning, logistics readiness, air transportation, maintenance, and command and control. These programs encompass innovative ideas integrated with the latest technology in the software, tools, and equipment within the simulations. The project includes simulators in several areas within the industry, including Aerial Port Expeditor, Installation Deployment Officer, AMC Command & Control, Pallet Build-Up, Air Terminal Operations Center (ATOC), Passenger Service, and Unit Deployment Manager.

Constant upgrades will allow the EOS to communicate the latest technological advancements being used within Department of Defense (DOD) logistics for inclusion into the projects. In addition, ECS is under contract to develop new simulation and application projects, an Aviation Resource Management simulator and a Joint Inspection simulator, which will continue to evolve the logistics and aviation industry.

While these EOS projects are primarily centered around operations within the DOD logistics community, these programs demonstrate the capability to provide an immersive training tool that could be used in practically any industry that utilizes simulation-based training.

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