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Enhancing Logistics Training with Technology and Innovation

ECS is supporting the U.S. Air Force (USAF) by modernizing and advancing the use of innovation and emerging educational technologies for its training programs at the Expeditionary Operations School (EOS) at JB Dix/McGuire/Lakehurst. By utilizing the latest technology to develop animated models of aviation equipment and logistics environments that mirror real-world operations in an academic environment, Airmen are able to safely prepare for in-garrison and deployment operations.

Current projects include applications, courseware, and simulation that directly support the Air Force’s combat support mission in the full range of expeditionary operations, including deployment planning, logistics readiness, air transportation, maintenance, and command and control. While the EOS projects are in various stages of their lifecycle, the ECS team of Subject Matter Experts and Software Developers continue to maintain, upgrade, and improve capabilities through constant communication with the EOS to ensure that the latest technology and equipment are integrated into the simulators. Specific projects include Aerial Port Expeditor, Installation Deployment Officer, Air Mobility Command & Control, Pallet Build-Up, Air Terminal Operations Center, Passenger Service, Unit Deployment Manager, and a Customer Service course, as well as Center-of-Balance and Cargo Restraint applications. New projects, including the Aviation Resource Management and Joint Inspection Simulators, are in development.

While these programs are primarily centered around operations within the DoD logistics community, they could be used in practically any industry that integrates training and simulation.