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Clinical Skills

To simulate a wide range of clinical settings and integrate the specific skills needed to produce the best patient outcome.

Blending game-based training with virtual reality (VR) hardware, Clinical Skills is an interactive and immersive trainer that simulates a wide range of clinical settings. Using this mobile application, medical professionals can train practically anywhere to prepare for specific situations, all within the safety of a virtual training environment.

The Clinical Skills Mobile App uses a variety of conversation-based scenarios in a deep learning environment, which prompts learners to use specific approaches while conducting patient interviews:

  • Interact with medical inventory items to take vital signs and perform physical examinations on realistic patient avatars
  • Proper sequencing of events
  • Reinforces patient interview techniques
  • Incorporates productive patient dialogue
  • Helps hone diagnostic reasoning skills that can be applied to various situations — both in regular checkups and even in more severe cases, where extreme sensitivity is required
The app also includes essential environmental cues, such as patient feedback, as well as instructional feedback. The user is evaluated at each step of the clinical exam and cannot progress until the correct action is performed.