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Enhancing Cognitive Recall Skills for Emergency Response Teams

ECS developed Crash Cart Countdown to engage trainees in an arcade-style 3D game that simulates rapid response emergency medical situations. The game utilizes medical equipment and supplies associated with standardized hospital emergency carts and prompts users to locate all necessary equipment in a situation where time is of the essence, then evaluates their efficiency and accuracy. Sequences are randomized during each play-through to enhance cognitive recall and produce precise evaluations of user knowledge. Organizations can also customize the carts to reflect the specific requirements of their facilities and workforce. The objective is to locate medical supplies and equipment within specific crash cart configurations with efficiency and accuracy.

This award-winning serious game has been designed to increase cognitive recall skills using an educational role-playing game-based approach. Originally developed for the VA, the primary audience of Crash Cart Countdown is Rapid Response Teams (RRT), Medical Emergency Teams (MET), and High Acuity Response Teams (HART). Enabling these teams to master these critical skills through training saves valuable time needed to locate supplies in an emergency.

Key Features of Crash Cart Countdown include:

  • Game-based 3D Interface – Provides the learner with a contextual method of locating equipment within the various carts used by the healthcare facility
  • Integrated Leaderboard – Tracks player high scores to encourage friendly competition and increase replay value
  • Customization Feature – Allows admins to tailor or update existing carts and content, as well as create new cart configurations