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Cross Cultural Competence Trainer (3CT)

The understanding of both one’s own and other cultures is essential for the Department of Defense as it faces the increasingly complex security challenges of the 21st century. Interaction with local populations and other cultural factors not only are critical elements in persistent conflict but contribute to the success and/or failure of stability, peacekeeping, humanitarian aid, and disaster relief operations.

The Cross-Cultural Competence Trainer (3CT) course covers a core list of learning objectives that encompasses the cultural general knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes needed to operate in a culturally diverse environment and facilitate mission success.

The same tenets of instruction used in this training scenario are applicable in the global oil & gas industry. Interaction with diverse cultures in the work environment is required and necessary. This type of solution can provide familiarization for all personnel involved.


  • Immersive, engaging 3D environment
  • Consequence-based action
  • No software install required
  • High Fidelity Avatars
  • Performance Assessment