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Emergency Management Staff Trainer (EMST)

Available through the web, EMST presents real-time incorporating emails, social media updates, news videos, website articles, simulated conversations, meetings, maps, and images. These injects require participants to prioritize tasks, respond to or moderate situations, and predict how their responses will affect the remainder of the emergency situation. An all-hazards trainer, this virtual staff trainer incorporates a wide variety of scenarios, ranging from small-scale human error to large-scale natural disasters, terrorist attacks, pandemics, and civil unrest. Scenarios can be easily customized and allow for role-specific training for individuals, teams, and multiple agencies working together as a joint state response system (JSRTS). EMST also incorporates an After-Action Review capability that automatically assesses each participant’s performance.

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Crisis Response Simulation (CRS)

To train and improve user’s understanding of specific administrative and documentation standards during unplanned black-swan incidents.

A comprehensive virtual staff trainer, CRS incorporates real-time instructor support tools, tracks and provides performance assessments, and allows leadership to remotely conduct team-training exercises with up to 200 participants at a time. CRS is fully customizable and integrates with existing courseware, documents, CAD software and/or 3D assets, so that the training is truly authentic.