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Hospital Administrative Response Trainer (HART)

Leveraging our Crisis Response Simulation (CRS) framework, ECS has developed a virtual table top trainer for the hospital industry. Recent natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy have shown the need for hospital staffs and administrators to have a well-thought out evacuation plan for their patients. They also need to practice that plan amidst the demanding 24/7/365 schedules within a hospital. How do they do that?

The Hospital Administrative Response Trainer (HART) allows individuals, teams, entire staffs, and even outside first responder organizations to practice their roles in a variety of scenarios that could affect the hospital. With all of the same benefits as CRS, HART replaces the paper-driven table top exercises currently in use by hospitals that also require all participants to physically come together for the exercise.

Fires, floods, hurricanes, active shooter, terrorist attacks on soft targets – each scenario immerses each role into an engaging, realistic exercise where simulated players enable you to train anytime, anywhere.


  • Hospital-centric scenarios
  • Web-based enables practice anytime, anywhere
  • No downloads to play, making HART IT-friendly
  • Adaptive consequences based on decisions
  • Based on approved standards and policies