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Jabil Manufacturing Prototype

Jabil Engineering provides life-cycle engineering and manufacturing support to a diverse portfolio of business markets globally. One underlying issue of being truly global, is the need to convey manufacturing processes to assemblers/workers who do not speak English, or who may be less technology savvy. So, Jabil came to ECS.

ECS teamed with Jabil design engineers to develop a prototype simulation for multiple steps within an assembly process. The prototype used 3D simulation to show the assemblers how to follow the procedures. If a “picture is worth a thousand words, then a simulation is worth a thousand pictures”. Assemblers were able to intuitively follow the procedures without risk of misinterpreting the meaning of written instructions.

The Jabil project is an example of how ECS provides visualization for equipment, components, or physics-based processes within components. Accurate modeling provides a means to practice procedures, understand the consequences of proper or improper actions, assembly/disassembly steps, or maintenance requirements.


  • High fidelity, accurate models
  • Working Components
  • Ability to visualize 360 degree perspectives
  • Contextually accurate