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Lifeboat Project – ACT!

ECS and the Lifeboat Project have teamed up to take action against human trafficking. Utilizing experience based on working with the Department of Defense for over 21 years, and expertise in vignette-based story-telling, the ECS team created Awareness Combats Trafficking (ACT), a mobile game to raise awareness and appeals to the highest at-risk population for human trafficking – young teens.

Running on smart phones and tablets, ACT was designed for these “digital natives”, who are estimated to spend an average of 63 hours a week on their mobile devices. The first installment of the game, Macy’s Story, presents an all too common occurrence where a young girl is tricked into being trafficked by a seemingly legitimate modeling scout. It is the player’s job, with the help of a trusted police officer and a mutual friend of the player and the victim, to identify red flags signifying that Macy may be in trouble.

ACT was presented at the Healthy School Summer Academy in Gainesville, Florida where it received rave reviews from students, educators and law enforcement officials. The goal of ECS and the Lifeboat Project is to implement this mobile game into the public education system for use in health and life skills classes and to offer it on the Google Play Marketplace and iTunes App Store.