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Physiology Abstraction Model (PAM)

The field of mathematical modeling in human physiology has developed tremendously during the last decade and continues to develop. However, the medical simulation community faces the daunting task of creating and maintaining disparate physiology and pharmacology models across many proprietary systems.

To address this challenge in our own medical simulation  programs, ECS developed a stand-alone physiology middleware called the Physiology Abstraction Model (PAM).

PAM facilitates the decoupling of physiology models from the simulation and serves as an abstraction layer. This enables the physiology engine to be centrally managed and to power multiple applications. PAM provides a standard interface and communication protocol between different components of a physiology model and any medical simulation using that model. PAM is currently implemented to drive casualties within VBS3, TC3Sim, and the Nexus Virtual Worlds platform.

With PAM, simulation fidelity can be tailored to each specific application by substituting body systems modules with different complexity.  Medications and diseases can be applied or removed as needed by the training scenario.  The result is a system that makes no assumptions of the task at hand; it is a configurable physiology engine designed to support any application.


  • Re-usable layer of data
  • Plug and Play