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Risk Assessment Trainer

NALCO, a chemical provider for water treatment, pollution control, and energy conservation, was bought by Ecolab in 2011. During the integration of NALCO into Ecolab, it was determined that, of the two organizations, NALCO had a more comprehensive safety training program. Therefore, Ecolab asked NALCO to assist in enhancing a corporate-wide program focused initially on risk assessment/risk mitigation. NALCO turned to ECS to develop highly interactive simulation to meet a series of tasks and to augment their existing courseware curriculum.

ECS worked closely with NALCO safety and risk assessment/mitigation staff members to identify those tasks that would best be suited for augmentation with 3D simulation. We created a series of 3D vignettes, and a culminating 3D simulation that not only enhanced the interactivity of the employee, but also enabled NALCO to assess all behaviors and decisions of the student within the simulation.