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TraumaCon™ is a mobile training application that promotes student retention of Combat Lifesaver (CLS) course material. The application allows students to independently learn or sustain skills, and is designed to be used during 5-10 minute intervals of time between existing CLS instruction. This capability augments the current program of instruction while providing students a challenging, game-based opportunity to review CLS material and sustain important skills.

TraumaCon™ consists of two games available for a student to play, both of which can be played individually or as a group initiated by an instructor. The “Knowledge Challenge” game presents students with multiple choice questions in a trivia styled game based on the CLS curriculum. The “Casualty Challenge” game presents students with different scenarios that are based on the CLS curriculum. A student must interact with a casualty to collect background information, and apply possible treatments.

TraumaCon™ assesses student comprehension of course materials for both games and provides immediate feedback to confirm correct actions and to notify a student when they have selected incorrect actions. Students are timed and scored based on performance. The instructor may also run reports that provide them detailed analysis regarding students’ performance.

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