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Virtual High School

Northwest High School is a virtual representation of a large high school with characteristics typical of most large public or private schools and small colleges. Visitors can view a classroom, a science lab, the auditorium, the cafeteria, the gymnasium, the indoor swimming pool, the vocational skills shop, the day care center, the athletic stadium, and even several trailers used as temporary classrooms. They can also go behind the scenes to the large utility room.

The interior and exterior of Northwest high School are highly detailed, making the school an ideal setting in which to conduct engaging, immersive learning experiences. It is particularly appropriate for training staff and first responders to handle contingencies such as an active shooter, a bomb threat, the release of a hazardous material, and dangerous weather events.


  • Detailed interior and exterior enhance realism
  • Entire campus and representative interior spaces accessible
  • Suitable for individual or group learning activities
  • Can be instrumented to simulate events and provide learning assessments