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Virtual Oil Platform

The Oil & Gas Industry is facing the same workforce issues as many others – experienced workers are retiring faster than new employees can be brought up to speed to support the tremendous growth in the industry. Along with the retirements goes the knowledge of first hand skills on how to deal with all of the possible challenges that can occur on a rig or platform. This transition of the workforce is called the “Great Crew Change”.

These new employees have grown up in the digital era, and therefore, learn differently than previous generations. These “digital natives” are used to obtaining the knowledge, skills, and abilities essential to a successful workspace through a digital medium. That is where ECS comes in. Many of the Oil and Gas industry members are talking to ECS about its Virtual Oil Rig, or Platform. This robust Virtual World platform is used from Workforce Development, where rig familiarization and onboarding can occur, to competency-based learning for HSE, crisis response, maintenance, and procedural training. ECS’ Virtual Oil Rig/Platform can also augment existing classroom and OJT programs.


  • Practice a role by exercising with simulated players
  • Work with live players to mitigate a simulated incident with up to 200 participants
  • No software install required
  • Real-time instructor support tools
  • Create your own scenarios